Best Ice Skates for Wide Feet (Comfort and Durability)

In figure skating, ice skates for wide feet are made to easily fit people with broader feet . Most importantly, they provide comfort and extra room to skaters who require spacious skates.

As such, it will be beneficial to know the size and type of your feet before buying ice skates. There are four main types of feet namely; narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide feet. On top of that, you may have a flat foot, normal or high arch.

Types of feet when choosing ice skates

Apart from the fit there are number of factors such as durability, stiffness, purpose and frequency of use to consider while choosing the best ice skate for wide feet. If you do this right, definitely it will be almost impossible for your ice skates to hurt.

For people with wide feet and extra wide feet, it is highly recommended to avoid thick socks that may lead to discomfort. In addition, it’s possible to widen your ice skates by consulting a pro who may widen the inside of your boot or bump out sturdy pressure points.

If your feet are extra wide it will definitely require you to put an extra effort to acquire ice skates that best fits you. In fact, you may go to an extent of having custom made ice skates that will take longer and cost you more.

Fitting ice skates are very useful because they lead to better performance, increased durability, and minimal injuries. In this review, we will cover ice skates for wide feet for men, women, and youth.

Best Ice Skates for Wide Feet

  1. Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Women

These skates from the Jackson Ultima brand are the best ice skates for wide feet and I will tell you why. It is designed to be very comfortable from broader feet and enhance performance.

Jackson Ultima SoftSkate best ice skates for wide feet

It features synthetic upper materials and tongue, cushy foam padding that are fully lined and inbuilt Ultima Mark 1 inner blade.

The Jackson Ultima SoftSkate for Women are available in blue and white colors. The two colors offer a virtually appealing design that can suit different preferences.

The attached Ultima Mark 1 blade is developed to ensure optimal performance on the ice and allow skaters to move easily. The cushy foam padding allows the skater to move comfortably without getting irritated or discomfort.

The synthetic upper materials are fitted to ensure that the Jackson Ultima Softskates last longer in figure skating that involves rigors performance.


  • Available in different colors
  • Available in different sizes
  • A long power cable
  • Well fitted free zip ties to tie light strips and the rim


  • Uses only 3 AA batteries
  1. Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle Ice Skates for Men and Women

The Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle and Freestyle and Figure Ice Skates is well made from robust materials just like other Jackson skates. This is among the leading ice skates due to its durable materials and lightweight design.

Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle

It has highly reinforced heels for shock absorption and a strong blade. These shoes are great for advanced skaters who are more engaged in jumps and spins.

They are very supportive during intensive skating although not approved for competitive performance. They are very stiff and hard to break with u shaped curve and rolled lining to protect sensitive areas.

It is ideal for individuals with narrow heel and wide feet. This is the best deal for intermediate and advanced ice skaters.  The Jackson Ultima Fusion Elle are the best figure ice skates for wide feet.


  • Strong blade
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ideal for wide football skaters
  • Ensures support and flexibility
  • Great shock absorption
  • Rolled lining that reduces pressure on tendons


  • Not suitable for wide heeled individuals
  • Quite stiff and hard to break in
  1. Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Lake placid is one of the leading adjustable stylish ice skates for men. It is not only stylish but super comfortable that allows one to skate for long.

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Wide Feet Ice Skate

The adjustable size of Lake placid is what makes an excellent choice of skates in ice skating. It can be adjusted into four different sizes by only pushing a button. Not only that, it has a lacing buckle, laces, and power strap to ensure a secure fit. The ice skating shoes will hold you firmly throughout your skating experience.

Cold emanating from ice is one of the leading challenges of figure skating, but you will never encounter this in a Lake Placid. These shoes are fitted with warm fitting lining that keeps cold away.

The sole of this skating shoes is waterproof and you will not be scared of getting wet even after skating for long hours. Importantly, Lake Placid blades are made of stainless steel which is very durable.

Wait, note that you are required to sharpen this blade first before using these ice skates. Anyway, as a beginner you may go out on dull blades and sharpen it more once you have full control of your moves.

The shoes come at an affordable price since these ice skates can be used for years. Given its adjustable size and amazing features these skate are super affordable. These skate shoes are more ice hockey skates for wide feet but can be use for regular skating sprees.


  • Affordable price
  • Stylish and cool
  • 4 adjustable sizes
  • Waterproof ice skates
  • Well fitted comfortable deluxe feet padding
  • Woven lining to maintain warmth
  • Laces and power strap for a secure fit


  • Feels stiff and bulky
  • Interferes with ankle movements
  • Regular use may loosen ankle straps
  • Blade curves is not ideal for beginners
  1. Riedell Skates 119 Emerald Figure Ice Skates

The Riedell Ice Skates 119 Emerald is one of the leading shoes that is meant to provide women with support during recreational skating.

Riedell Ice Skates 119

It is well tailored to provide comfort with features enhanced to give ankle support and dryness. These are excellent shoes aimed at creating pleasant skating experience.

The double synthetic materials give proper ankle support. This makes it easy to maneuver different recreational skating moves.

The open throat design gives comfort and fit. It has flex notch lacing system to maintain a firm glimpse during recreational skating. A high toe box design contributes to a firm support. T

he Dri Lex lining and PVC sole are designed to keep ice skaters’ foot warm that makes them comfortable in a rink. Thus, these ice skates are suitable for harsh skating because they are well fitted with materials to maintain warmth. They are in deed some the best ice skates for wide feet adults.


  • Well designed for wider feet
  • Made of durable microfiber materials
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced ice skaters
  • High ankle support rate of 30
  • Flex notch lacing system and open throat design to enhance comfort
  • PVC sole and Dri Lex lining to keep feet dry and comfortable


  • Not suitable for kids
  • Limited details on blade features and performance
  1. Botas Dagmar Women And Girls Ice Skates

These shoes are among the leading ice skates due to quality and versatility. The Botas Dagma manufacturing has a lot of attention to detail especially in giving support for beginners.

The long collar in Dagma provides ankle support that is essential for beginner skill levels and youth. These shoes are incredible for skaters with slightly wider feet than average. Most of the Botas skating shoes are made of high construction and Dagma is the leading beginners model.

The extra padding and soft interiors provide more support with felt tongue that protects you from lace bites.

These ice skates are made of leather and PVC outsoles that last for years. In addition, the blade is approved by TUV SG European certification quality.

On the downside, the shoes laces are little big flimsy. Anyway, this is the best deal for beginners and those who want durable ice skates.


  • Soft interior ling and ankle padding
  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Flexible and yet supportive collar.
  • Approved by TUV SG European certification.
  • Well reinforced soles with PVC


  • Flimsy shoe laces
  1. American Athletic Shoe Men’s Couger Hockey Skates

The American Athletic Shoe Couger Soft Boot Hockey skate is meant to give support during ice hockey and recreational skating. It is among the leading ice skates due to its great performance and excellent features.

American Athletic Shoe Co. Men’s Couger Soft Boot

It has a thick foam padding that provides warmth during skating sessions. The multi layered boot construction provides ankle support which is essential for stability and reduced accident rates.

It has a stainless-steel blade that is sharp and durable making it easy for hockey skater to maneuver their moves. These shoes are suitable for wide feet that can be easily adjust to different sizes.


  • Soft boot design for increased support during ice hockey skating
  • Suitable for individuals with wide feet giving a comfortable support
  • Multilayered boot construction for ankle support
  • Stainless steel hockey blades
  • Thick foam padding that provides warmth


  • Not ideal for competitive ice hockey
  • Some skaters may require additional arch support for increased comfort.

Factors to consider while buying ice skates for wide feet


Most ice skates are available in leather and synthetic materials. The ice skater with wide or extra wide feet should go for comfortable and durable materials.

Leather is the best material to go for in ice skate shoes. Notably, leather is a comfortable material that looks elegant as well. It protects your foot and offers slight cushioning effect.

Riedell Skates 119 Emerald Figure Ice Skates colours

In addition, leather shoes are easy to clean even with a damp cloth. More so, it is good to buy washable and stylish shoes. On the other side, you will be required to give extra penny in order to buy these shoes.

When it comes to synthetic materials such as vinyl, they are quite softer and more cushioning. They are quite cheaper and best for beginners as they consider safety. After all, if we’ll cared they can longer than expected.


Most ice skates for wide feet are generally bulky especially old models. Skates that are quite bulky affect performance greatly.

In most cases, the inner padding and blades adds more weight to ice skates which should not be the case. In figure skating, it’s wise you go for light ice skates secure comfort and optimal performance.


The ice skate shoes need to fit perfectly in order to ensure good performance. Measure your size correctly in order to go for those ice skates that suit you best.

The shoes need to fit like glove allowing toes to wiggle but needs not to be very tight. Although, the foot area needs to fit firmly without any movements.

American Athletic Shoe Co. Men’s Couger Soft Boot

Notably, ice skates with inner padding are tighter. As such, it is good to consider a bigger size. In order to avoid foot pains, the ice skates need not to be so tight or loose.


There are several blade materials namely; aluminum, chrome, nickel, and stainless steel. These blades are rust resistant.

The ice skates blade needs not to be too short or too long, it should line the shoe size. It should have a slight curve in order to balance easily.

The blade is usually dull that is ideal for beginners but you can sharpen it depending on your ice-skating experience.

Softness and stiffness

This is a great factor to consider while buying ice skates. In most cases, beginners prefer soft padded lining that are more comfortable.

In ice rink it’s easy to get into accidents leading to bruises. For that reason, it is good to consider well cushioned ice skates that is ensued in soft ling figure skates.

When it comes to moves and jumps it is nice to consider stiffness. However, ensure that the area around the ankle is well padded to provide support.

Closing Remarks

In short, we have just gone through the best ice skates for wide feet based on personal experience, testing and research. These ice skates are well approved because of the brand, quality, and performance levels.

Some of the best ice skates for wide feet based on quality and fit include Jackson Ultima Soft Skate Women and Lake Placid Ice Summit Skate.

We hope, you got the best information in regard to figure skating ice skates. In fact, this is all you got to know before buying ice skates.

If you are a beginner, you got to understand which ice skate’s suits and what to do during ice rink. For advanced skaters the choice of ice-skating shoes is dependent on your skating experience.

Remember the most important factor of choosing ice skates for wide feet is the fit. Fit is above brand, color, look and style in fact it is what should guide in deciding on the rest.

In figure skating, your ice skates need to fit well in order to ensure good performance. All in all, hope you’ll buy the shoes that suits you best and get a safe and comfortable ice-skating experience ever.