Top 5 Best Skateboards For Tricks

Skateboarding is a fun filled activity and it becomes even more wild with tricks. Discovering and engaging in the tricks make you enjoy skating more. It is a way of opening your mind and being creative.

There is a difference between a regular skateboard and a skateboard for tricks. Trick skateboards tend to be lighter and shorter than regular skateboards thus making them easy to maneuver.

Another distinction is the wheels; for tricks, the wheels are harder as any trickster like me will tell you  there is more sliding and they need to have more traction.

Factors to Consider When Buying Skateboards for Tricks

  • Wheels quality– wheels with high-quality material are the best wheels for tricks. Some of the top wheels brands are the Bones and Spitfire. They are made from high-quality polyurethane that last for years. There are also other qualities that wheels should have to make them suitable for tricks that I am about to mention.
  • Hardness – harder wheels are not compatible with rough surfaces such as streets but soft wheels do better in such environments. However harder wheels are best on soft surfaces since they tend to bounce low and grip right. On this point of harder wheels that’s where rebound and bounce come in. When you pull a trick on harder wheels they tend to deform and snap back quickly after the bounce. For softer wheels, it’s not easy for them to snap real quickly that’s why they are suitable for cruising.
  • Shape – shapes of wheels have an outcome on the way you game your tricks. Round and square wheels seem not to be the best wheels for tricks. The best shapes that will support your tricks are conical, radial, and classic. The classics are way better because they respond fast and their surface area is minimal.
  • Diameter –wheels with a small diameter are ideal for tricks for some reason they are very responsive, have fast acceleration, and grind on rails easily. Thanks to physics of torque. To be precise the most recommended size to pick is 52mm diameter.CCS Skateboard Complete black
  • Contact patch –contact patch is normally that area of the wheel that is in contact with the ground. A narrower patch is mainly the best to give you nice tricks but you should also be extra careful because a narrow patch causes less grip
  • Deck – quality means everything in this case. For optimal shredding, maple wood decks are the best. No one would wish to experience deck shattering in two trying to handle tricks.
  • Trucks – a skateboard for tricks should have high quality trucks that can’t break easily. For the trucks’ position, it should be low (close to the ground and skateboard). This results to a low center of gravity which makes it easier to make tricks. I highly recommend Thunder Trucks which are low and ideal for tricks.

Top Picks For Skateboards For Tricks

BEST OVERALL: KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This is the most amazing skateboards for tricks due to its modern concave design ideal for ticks. With about 42$ you will get this high-quality skateboard from the Krown brand. The boards are excellently made to be the strongest and most durable skating boards for learning tricks but not ideal for cruising.

BEST VALUE: Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard

Santa Cruz is a premium skateboard that performs impressively. I believe it’s a worldwide known skateboard and the best skateboard for adults for tricks. It has a good maple build quality and 53mm / 95A wheels which make it ideal for tricks. The size is most ideal for youth. The art of the Screaming Hand was drawn by Jim Phillips.

BEST BUDGET: Minority 32’ Maple Skateboard

 Minority 32’ Maple Skateboard Best skateboard for tricksMinority 32” is also the best trick skateboard for beginners. The artwork is well blended with colors on the skateboard making the graphic look more stylish. You are not limited to flipping any type of trick with this skateboard. If you are strictly on the budget here is an option for you with all the qualities of a good skateboard.

Top 5 Best Skateboards for Tricks

  1. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

Skateboarding is amazing and doing tricks with a KPC Pro skateboard is so fulfilling. For about 42$ you will get this high-quality skateboard from the Krown brand.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete side best skateboard for tricks

This board is excellently made to be the strongest and most durable skating boards. They are as well reliable and convenient to use.

When you buy this skateboard, it comes ready for use and no assembly is required. What you need to do is adjust to the position you feel your turning will be comfortable

KPC Pro Skateboard Review

This is my personal experience and review of this skateboard. Every part of these boards is made from durable materials.

Let’s start with the 7-ply maple wood that is resistant to breaking. It sustains any aggressive sport skating and thus qualifies to be the best for tricks.

The skateboard is well structured with aluminum alloy trucks that facilitate good control when turning. It features ABEC-7 bearings that make the skate roll effortlessly in skate parks, streets, and ramps by offering smooth rides.

The KPC Pro Skateboard deck measures 32”x8” in length and width respectively. It is also available in several colors and graphics. You can choose whichever color pleases your heart.

It also features a modern concave design that makes it easier to flipping and introduction of new tricks. The deck measures 4.7 lbs which means it is easy to carry all around with it.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete front

We have classic polyurethane wheels with a durometer of 99A and measure 55mm. For good traction and support, it has a grit tape with grit 80 levels. The skateboard is always on balance and sturdy at all

Depending on your skateboarding level, these are just the perfect choice for doing tricks at any given point.


  • Modern concave shape design suitable for tricks
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Good speed
  • Offers optimum support and balance


  • Trucks are non-adjustable
  1. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard

Santa Cruz is yet another best skateboard for tricks. If you are a beginner this board will be ideal. The skateboard is available for all ages, the size starts from small to large.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard Best Skateboards For Tricks

Its graphics design is super attractive. It’s a screaming hand that was drawn by Jim Phillips. Cartoon art is ideally a good way of marketing. It is the most recognizable graphic on Santa Cruz skateboards.

It has served for 40 years and above you can imagine how many generations have used them.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard Review

The skateboard is constructed with high-quality 7-ply maple wood that is super lightweight. It weighs 4.15 pounds, which makes it easier to perform tricks and carry.

It has a medium concave shape that helps so much in doing tricks and slides. The deck measures 31.25×8 inches in length and width respectively.

The wheels measure 53mm 95A durometer which is recommendable for tricks. The skateboard gives smooth rides aided by the best steel ABEC-5 bearings.

Even though the skateboard is on the premium side I believe it’s worth every coin. With all the components it comes with pulling out tricks will be like drinking water.

It is great fun skating in it even in the skate park even with the kids.


  • Versatile and attractive
  • Best for beginners and tricks
  • Super Lightweight
  • Quality maple wood


  • Quite expensive
  1. Minority 32’ Maple Skateboard

Looking for a budget-friendly skateboard for tricks with no success? This is it. It is affordable despite being constructed with high-quality materials.

Minority 32’ Maple Skateboards

Minority 32” is one of the best trick skateboards for beginners. The artwork is well blended with colors on the skateboard making the graphic look more stylish.

You are not limited to flipping any type of trick with this skateboard.

Minority 32′ Marple Skateboard Review

We start with the quality 102A polyurethane material for the wheels that last for ages. The wheels work together with the ABEC-9 bearings that absorb shock, maximize traction and control the speed. The bearings are cast out of genuine carbon steel.

The trucks measure 5 inches and are made from A356 aluminum alloy that is of high grade and super lightweight.

The deck is from 100% maple wood which is 7 ply and this states that it is very durable. Ones heart is at peace while cutting corners or when pulling out tricks, thanks to the mediate concave shape of the skateboard.

The deck is pressed to measure 32×8 inches.

Get this skateboard if are into comfort, durability, and stability and you will take your skills to greater heights.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • High rebound bushings
  • Durable deck
  • Lightweight thus portable
  • Shock absorption bearings


  • At first the wheel grip is too tight
  1. Puente Complete Skateboard 31” Pro

Puente, also known as YF youfu, is a good-looking skateboard on a budget. It is well-designed with attractive prints that look like a chessboard.

Puente Complete Skateboard 31” Pro

I like skateboards that come readily assembled and it’s the same with Puente. The quality is top-notch it shows how durable and strong the board is.

I can affirm to this because I have had mine for 2 years and it’s still in good condition.

Puente Complete Skateboard Review

We start with the 7-layer of Canadian maple wood that has constructed the deck. The deck is super strong and sturdy and supports heavy adults without breaking.

It is also covered with grip tape on the top that prevents any moisture from reaching the maple wood. The tape also adds grip thus it is safe for riders.

The wheels too are of good quality featuring 92A polyurethane. They have a good grip as well, are wear-resistant, and absorb shock.

The board is well equipped with ABEC-9 bearings and soft bushings which offer smooth rides even on rough surfaces.

For all the tricks you want to do the concave shape design of the deck will allow you. Another good thing I found easy about them is how they give you easy braking.

The deck measures 31” in length and 8” in width.

The Puente skateboard is one of the best skateboards for tricks and works well for skaters of different levels.


  • Durable and wear-resistant wheels
  • Waterproof and non-fading material
  • Has shock absorption systems
  • Good grip and traction
  • 7-layer quality maple wood


  • Tighten the trucks before use
  1. CCS Skateboard Complete

CCS is a brand that has been a trusted skateboard since the 1980s. The boards are of high quality so you will get value for your money.

CCS Skateboard Complete

The budget is pleasing to everyone who would desire or want to have a skateboard, you don’t have to break the bank. This one has everything that you need.

If I start mentioning the colors available for this I won’t finish today. The colors are many (27 to be precise) and everyone should have a choice.

CCS Skateboard Review

The deck does not disappoint. It is constructed of quality 7-ply Canadian maple wood that is here to push you through your skating journey.

The shape is a symmetric stylish shape that is great for all the flex and tricks you need to do. It features silver precision ABEC -7 bearings installed for great and smooth rides.

Other features are the white trucks on the board and the steel base plate. Not to forget about the wheels that measure 55 mm and have a durometer of 100a. All the above features help you skate seamlessly and effortlessly.

The skateboard comes fully assembled so no hassle about that. It is also reliable for people of all ages from as old as 5 years to 100 years old.  It also doesn’t matter the level of skating you are either a beginner or an expert can use this skateboard.


  • Has plenty of colors
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Average on budget
  • Durable Canadian maple wood
  • Great for a starter


  • None


I believe this unbiased review has been helpful and up to this point you have a choice or two for the best skateboards for tricks and cruising.

From skateboarding experience and research, I found the best skateboards for tricks to be Kpc Pro Skateboard, Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Skateboard, and Minority 32″ Maple Skateboard. This is due to their great design, build quality and performance.

Do not get bored while skating yet you can flex some tricks. Get the best skateboard for tricks even if not two get one. You can also gift a person who loves skating or even let your kids experience the goodness of it.