5 Best Roller Skates for Derby

Best roller skates for derby

Roller derby is a fun sport activity with the best gear. To have a good experience you need the best roller skate for derby with all necessary features. Well, there are so many different brands in the market but in this review, I have chosen a few that are well made, durable and comfortable. This … Read more

Best Roller Skates for Women (Elegance & Comfort)

Best Roller Skates for Women

For many years, roller skating has been embraced by a good number of ladies as a fun activity and ultimately became a hobby for some. Roller skating has no limit as any gender can skate as long as they are passionate about it. However, I have come across many women who skate which is a … Read more

Best Knee Pads for Roller Skating

Best Knee Pads for Roller Skating

Roller skating is so much fun but unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen. The injuries are no joke and can lead to fractures or even dislocations. This is why having the best knee pads for roller skating is important. Accidents usually occur when one loses balance and crashes on the ground. Knees are fast in supporting … Read more