How To Stop On Rollerblades Without Brakes

How to stop on rollerblades without brakes

Rollerblading is a fun activity that allows you to glide through the streets with speed and style. However, one of the biggest challenges for rollerbladers is stopping when you don’t have brakes. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or a pro skater looking to expand your skill set, learning how to stop without … Read more

Top 5 Best Rollerblades for Kids (Comfort & Adjustable)

Best rollerblades for kids

Inline skating (rollerblade skating) is a very fun activity for kids especially when they have the right gear. Letting your kids learn inline skating is a best decision you can make. A good number kids love skating. It is a activity that they can do well in the later years of their lives. It’s therapeutic … Read more

How to Inline Skate Downhill (A Beginners Guide)

How to inline skate downhill

Skating downhill is a thrilling experience which requires expertise to avoid a painful fall. Many people are willing to try out this challenging yet very satisfying sport. It is possible to ride inline skates downhill with some bit of care and preparation. Although challenging, a good balance, awareness and protective gears ensures that you secure … Read more

Top 5 Best Inline Skates for Outdoors

Best Inline Skates for Outdoors

Some inline skates are good for outdoors on such places as pavements, sidewalks, and rough roads. They are best for speed due to the design of the wheels as well as the alignment in a straight line. How can you differentiate between indoor and outdoor skates? The appropriate outdoor wheels are softer and larger than … Read more