Top 5 Best Inline Skates for Outdoors

Some inline skates are good for outdoors on such places as pavements, sidewalks, and rough roads. They are best for speed due to the design of the wheels as well as the alignment in a straight line.

How can you differentiate between indoor and outdoor skates? The appropriate outdoor wheels are softer and larger than the indoor wheels. These are the main factors to consider in best skate wheels for street.

Low-cut outdoor inline skates are good for speed and ideal for maneuvering around with them. For high cut, they hold your ankles and provides great support. Impala inline skates in use

Nevertheless, there are different brands of inline skates to choose from, with this guide you can be able to choose the best aggressive inline skates, the best inline skates for women, the best inline skates for beginners, professional inline skates, and more.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Inline Skates for Outdoors

Here is a guide on how to select the best inline skates for outdoors

  • Safety- while buying inline skate shoes it is important to check on safety. Many accidents happen while skating and if the shoe is not safe one tends to be hurt the most. Skate shoes should at least come with buckles, laces, or straps. They help to keep the shoe tight and make you more comfortable while skating. In outdoor inline skating, speed is one of the main factors and thus the skates need to be harnessed for safety.
  • Wheels –the best wheels for outdoor inline skating are the harder and small wheels since the main thing usually preffered is speed and most people are not concerned more about grip. For other activities such as recreational purposes the suitable wheels are medium and soft
  • Diameter and Durometer- inline skates have a diameter from 68-110 mm diameter but the ideal diameter ranges from 80mm-100mm while for the durometer the soft is the best ranging from 80-85A.

Top Picks for Inline Skates for Outdoors

BEST OVERALL: Impala LightSpeed Inline Skates

Impala lightspeed inline skates best inline skates for outdoorsImpala skates stand out due to their excellent build quality(rigid plastic with padded interior) and design. These Lightspeed Skates are well suited for outdoors due to their 70mm, 80A wheels which are suitable for hard surfaces and speed.

BEST VALUE: K2 Skate F.I.T 84 Boa

K2 FIT Inline Skates are constructed to give the best performance. To start with its wheels, they are 84mm with a hardness of 80A which makes them suitable for outdoor use. The ILQ-7 bearings help you to skate faster than other inline skates.

BEST BUDGET: KIKSTYO Adjustable Inline Skates

KIKSTYO is made of high-quality materials and the price is quite favorable. They are built up with the basic components that skates should have to perform. These skates are readily available in 3 sizes that are medium, large, and extra large

Top 5 Best Inline Skates for Outdoors

1. Impala Light Speed Inline Skates

Impala makes some of the best skates for both men and women. Their skates are durable and have great comfort from personal experience. They are long-lasting and you will add more pairs even before old ones wear out.

Impala lightspeed inline skates Best inline skates for outdoors

The wheels in this inline skates are full of flat spots and good for starters as they are not much into slides.  They are also not speedy and thus easier to control. The size of the wheels is small that is 70mm and soft with a durometer of 80mm.

These components make them suitable for beginners. The wheels are adjustable thus you can change the position if you feel comfortable. The middle wheels can stay up or down, for the back and front wheels can fully inside and can shift slightly to the outside

The frame is well structured with a plastic durable material which means they are lightweight and perfect for maneuvering. The sole is made from polyvinyl chloride and the wheels from polyurethane. Impala are designed as professional inline skates

The closure is secure with an easy entry buckle combined with strong laces.  They have a cuff that is riveted behind them. The interior is also padded with a boot liner which makes your foot cozy and comfortable all through.

These Impala Skates are cool and ideal for most people making them the best inline skates for outdoors.


  • Stylish design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has smooth rides and slides
  • Strong buckle and laces


  • The cuff is not flexible

2. K2 Skate F.I.T 84 Boa Skates

K2 inline skates are constructed to give the best performance. They are good if you are an exercise person.  They are priced on the high end but they are worth every penny giving the best value for money.

K2 Skate F.I.T. 84 Boa Best inline skates for outdoors

These skates are equipped with all components an outdoor inline skate should have. They are structured with an aluminum frame which means the boots are safe and secure.

The high cut is very perfect for ankle support. It reduces muscles stretch and strain and provides good stability to you. While in these skates forget about fatigue cause of the good comfort and fit they provide.

The wheels are characterized by 84mm height and hardness of 80A which makes them suitable for outdoor. The ILQ-7 bearings helps you to skate faster than other inline skates. These shoes are mainly identified as K2 F I T 84 Boa Mens Inline Skates are among the most aggressive inline skates.

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Lastly is the BOA system that easily tightens or loosens the bot when you need to they have a twistable knob. Well, this is the optimal choice for you if you are looking for reliability, comfort, and stability.


  • Provide great performance
  • Durable and sturdy
  • They are convenient
  • Comfortable and fit perfectly
  • High-quality frame
  • Have speed


  • Quite expensive


3. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women Inline Skates

This is yet another pair of skates with good outdoor slides. The combination of black and light blue makes them look so elegant for women. This might be the second time I am buying Zetrablade for my wife she loves the skates so much.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women Inline Skates

Indeed they are well-designed and I like how this brand has worked on safety. While buying boots especially for my wife, safety is my number one factor to check on. The skates have 3 lock systems to use which include the buckle, strong laces, and strap that you can secure your feet tightly.

The interior is well padded with a thick liner which can be replaced when worn out. Comfort is another thing that you get to enjoy in these skates. They are breathable and your feet snug very well. If you decide to skate the whole day, factors to consider in best skate wheels for street.

To add on sort they are structured with high cuffs. The durable outer shell plastic comes in handy as it offers maximum support on your ankles and feet. You do not feel too much stretch when you skate on rough terrains and grounds.

Well, the wheels are high enough which are 80mm and 82A durometer which is super impressive for outdoor skating. The SG5 bearing also helps in moderating speed and performs well. They also feature a monocoque frame that enhances stability.

They are also convenient for you and have most of the features you could be looking for in inline skates for the outdoors for women. My wife says Rollerblade Zetrablade Skates are without doubt the best inline skates for women and I can’t say no more.


  • Tight secure fit
  • Stable and has balance
  • High cuffs for support
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect cushioning


  • A bit pricey

4. KIKSTYO Adjustable Inline Skates

You might consider this brand if you are looking for inline skates on a budget. They are high quality and the price is quite favorable. Well, these skates come in 3 sizes that are medium, large, and extra large.

KIKSTYO Adjustable Inline Skates

It is good to take the correct measurements and compare them with the chart  indicated to avoid taking the wrong size. While in these skates safety is guaranteed, they are fully composed with durable buckle straps and have an aluminum alloy frame.

Just like Papaison, these skates have illuminating wheels that attract kids and teens. With these available, it is a good chance to enjoy skating with your kids as most people do during holidays and leisure time. It is one of the activities that families do together.

Well, they are also a suitable gift for a friend who want to join outdoor rollerblading. The fan fact about it is that it is within a budget and anyone who loves inline skating can own it.


  • Worth the price
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • Illuminating wheels are cool
  • They fit perfectly
  • They are adjustable


  • Limited sizes

5. Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates

Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates are also some of the best budget inline skates for outdoors. They come in four different sizes which are unisex; small, medium, large, and extra large. The sizes are as well adjustable.

Papaison Adjustable Inline Skates

These skates are some of the best for teens because of the illuminating wheels which light when one is skating. My nephew loves these skates especially when skating early in the morning and late in the evenings. At night they glow better and mind you the batteries of the wheels do not need to be replaced at any given point.

They are so attractive and perfect for the youth. Materials used to structure the skates are of high quality and durable. The polyurethane wheels do not wear out easily and offer smooth slides. On the other hand, the ABEC-7 bearings are made from carbon steel.

Another thing with, Papaison skates is they have an outstanding design that is a reinforced heel which makes your feet comfortable during skating. Well, it’s such a good idea how the single break is placed on the right foot and both the left and right, this reduces the chances of falling backward while braking.

What made me happy about Papaison is that these skates come with socks which also improves comfort. It is the small things that matter and it shows how the brand was thoughtful by providing free socks for their client. If you want to enjoy quiet and smooth rides with the most beautiful skates this is it.


  • Wheels lit up
  • Come with socks
  • Offer quiet and smooth rides
  • Sizes are adjustable
  • Great style and design
  • Unisex


  • Too colorful

Closing Remarks

Well, I believe up to this point you know the best inline skates for outdoors and the features they come with.Inline skating is an activity that most people should embrace because it is all about fun and enjoying smooth slides.

The best inline skate for outdoors are Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates. Other top choices include; K2 Skate F.I.T. 84 Boa, and Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates.

All types of inline skates are available in the market and your choice depends on your the personal preferences. Let’s take skating to the next level.