Are Impala Skates Good?(Find Out Now)

Impala is a very popular brand because of their unique skates. They have different types of skates from quad skates, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. But are Impala skates good?

Impala was founded in Melbourne back in 2017 and in just a snap of years, they have grown massively. They are the most popular skates in the world.

Are Impala skates good?

If you’re to buy any skates from them the question that pops into your mind is are Impala Skates good? Yoh! Here is what I think about them based on my skating experience and research.

Are Impala Skates Good?

When I purchased Impala RollerSkates Pastel Fade, I was surprised by how they roll down the streets seamlessly. These skates are additive, I take them everywhere to the parks, street paths, and rinks and they never broke down on me.

I have always worn them for many hours and am always 100% comfortable. I thought they were a bit expensive but in the long run, they are affordable.

Impala Skates in good use

Value for money is what you go for when you get Impala Skates. They have served me for several years now. I have also interacted with tens of skaters in my circle who are using Impala Skates and 90% of them are impressed.

It is thus fair to say that Impala Skates are definitely good.

Why are Impala Skates Good?  Here are some of the reasons

Durable–  Durability is one of the factors that determines quality of skates. Every person loves something that will last long for years for them to enjoy the value for their money. The wheels, trucks, plate base, bearings, and materials of the boot are of good quality. Neither do they tear or break down easily.

Design–  Almost all Impala Skates are exclusively designed. They have tried to incorporate a variety of colors where clients have various choices based on their personal preferences. The eye-catching designs for women, men, and also kids are what have made the Impala Skates to be among the best sellers. To those who love basic and minimalist looks they are also take care of.

Impala roller skates Starbright

Comfort– The skates are super comfortable on the feet. The inline and roller skates feature a nicely padded interior, which means your feet are well-snugged. The ankle part also offers support and offers good stability while skating. I can say Impala has greatly worked and provided comfort to the users.

Performance level– This is what Impala skates are meant for. From beginners to intermediate all these skaters enjoy excellent performance. The components and features work all together to get the job done with no disturbance. From beginners to intermediate Impala skates leads in performance.

Affordable –  On this point I must say that Impala Skates are relatively affordable. They are not the most expensive skate and again not the cheapest. They are in between the high-end and low end meaning they are affordable compared to other brands. Beginners can afford them so they are very convenient for them

What about the Impala Skates Controversy?

In the last couple of years, Impala has been in the spotlight left right and center. There is nothing good that does not come with a few issues.

Haters had their fair time over the internet especially social media trying to tarnish Impala skates.

So here is all about the controversy: most of the Instagram and Facebook skaters claimed that the skates from Impala were awful. By this, they meant that no leveler deserved the skates as they did not perform accordingly.

For some reason, based on the data I found from those negative reviews is that most of the Impala Skates had ripped heels. This claim raised the alarm and there was a thread of complaints all over the socials.

For my thoughts, I would say Impala did me justice considering how affordably I bought them and they have served me for years. Would I say I was lucky? Not it’s just how everything has a downside and you either get value or none.

Impala Skates on feet

I am not really trying to cover up for them  but for me, my experience with them has been smooth, so there are no negative experience from my side. Maybe you would want to perceive a bit of history and the Impala controversy..

With all that said if you research you will find out that the most recommended skates are Impala and the Moxi Skates. It is only that a few people had some bad experience with Impala and created a mountain out of an anthill.

All in all Impala worked on the few complaints and today they are some of the best skates.

Frequent Asked Questions ( FAQ)s

Are Impala Skates good for the outdoors?

Skating experience has helped me gain knowledge to differentiate between outdoor skates and indoor skates by just looking at them. Anyway not that I am a guru but I can recommend Impala skates for outdoors.

For beginners, they will serve you well outside. The wheels will help you balance and skate fine on pebbles, cracks, and on the streets.

For intermediate or advanced skaters you can look for wheels that are ways stronger and hard on the ground.

Are Impala Skates good for wide feet?

Unfortunately, it is sad that Impala skates are not designed for wide feet. I have personally heard a friend complain about how uncomfortable they have been. He actually didn’t use his roller skates more than once.

If he continued, he would always have bruises. If one has wide feet, it is highly recommended to go for a bigger fit shoe.

Impala Quad Skate

Ideally, Impala Skates are designed for regular or narrow feet. The laces and Velcro are too tight for persons with wide feet, also the toe stop part is narrow.

Are Impala skates good for beginners?

Impala incorporates quality components  to make it one of the most reliable and convenient skates. With this, I may say they work best for beginners.

Impala skateboard in use

The wheels have very good grip and offer smooth rides for beginners.

Are Moxi skates good?

Just like Impala skates, Moxi is another good skates brand I would recommend them. They are structured with high-quality materials that last long such as leather.

They offer great balance and stability to all skaters whether beginners or advanced. Most important is the comfort they offer and the smooth rides. They are also a great choice if you are looking for skates.

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Are Impala inline skates good?

If you are looking for the most stable inline skates, Impala got it. The rollerblades are hard to fall on even on the most uneven grounds.

They are excellent especially if you want to skate down the streets. The urethane wheels are good on the grip. Beginners as well are safe and secure in Impala Roller Skates.

Closing Remarks

Impala has always been the highlight of the best roller skates and the best inline skates you would get in the market. It’s a well-known brand with quality skates for everyone from children to adults and to any skater regardless of the level.

Those who have been wondering; are Impala Skates good I can confidently tell them that they are great skates based on a personal experience as a skater and research. This is due to their good design and quality.

Impala being among the top best means they don’t disappoint and one should try them to confirm my words.

About the Impala skates controversy, that is as good as dead as it was only driven by a few individuals with bad intentions. The few genuine issues raised were handled by Impala and nowadays the skates are top notch.