Best Roller Skates for Women (Elegance & Comfort)

For many years, roller skating has been embraced by a good number of ladies as a fun activity and ultimately became a hobby for some. Roller skating has no limit as any gender can skate as long as they are passionate about it.

However, I have come across many women who skate which is a great move since skating has always been considered masculine. Anyway, skating is only as good as the roller skates used especially for women.

Well in this review am going to recommend some of the best roller skates for women. Getting roller skates for women is the hardest of them all.

Women love classy, elegant, and colored things. Well, this seems to happen even in this case. Thanks to the manufacturers because they have understood and delivered exactly what women want.

Factors to Consider When Buying Roller Skates for Women

Types of Wheels – there are two types of wheels; softer and harder wheels. There is a range that determines the category of the wheel. The range is 0A-100A which is measured using a durometer. A wheel with 48A hardness is softer than 78A hardness. Well, harder wheels work best in areas with soft surfaces, unlike softer wheels which are good on tough surfaces. Softer wheels give excellent grip and absorb shocks and vibrations

Bearings – bearings allow the wheels to spin on the axle of the skate plate however when buying roller skates it is good to check on the quality and sturdiness. With that said, the job is maintaining the bearings, thus you should stay away from moisture, dust, sand, and water.

Toe- stop – a toe stop is a rubber that is under the tip of the top, I guess this is too obvious. This feature facilitates the braking of the roller skates. Well, there is an adjustable and non-adjustable toe stop. The adjustable allows you to make changes to your liking while the non-adjustable has to be replaced for changes to be made. However, they are all prone to wearing out after some use but they can be replaced.

Xudrez Skates For Women

Plates and trucks – the plates are attached at the bottom of the boot and they are made of super lightweight nylon, then the truck is what the wheels attach to. With the aid of the two your skates will be stable and make you turn swiftly.

Size – getting the right size seems to be the most hectic thing especially if you are purchasing the shoes online. I tend to agree that different brands have different sizing. It is okay to compare the size chart if provided. Well some companies have return policies, if they accept exchange and the skates do not fit then you can return them for the right size.

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Top Roller Skates for Women

BEST OVERALL: Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Riedell Dart Ombre Roller SkatesMoxi Beach Bunny is made with the safest materials which are vinyl and Moxi Drie-Lex lining material. They are high quality and durable. These skates are available in different colors sky blue, strawberry lemonade, and peach blanket among others.

BEST VALUE: Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skates

Riedell Dart has the smoothest rides that skates can offer. They have ABCE-5 steel bearings that help much in smooth rolls. Other features are the 62mm 93A hardness wheels which offer good traction; it is best for starters and a toe stopper that helps in braking while skating.

BEST BUDGET: Xudrez Roller Skates For Women

Xudrez are made from quality material non-other than polyurethane. The inside is also breathable and very comfortable even during hot seasons. They are the best affordable in the market and if you are working with a budget then this is the brand to go for.

Top 6 Best Roller Skates for Women

  1. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Moxi Roller Skates are the most fashionable shoes I have come across. Oh! Goodness, these shoes are everything a woman would want, from the colors, the design, the laces, and the material.

Moxi Roller Skates

Well, they come in different colors sky blue, strawberry lemonade, and peach blanket among others. I bought strawberry lemonade color for my sister and gosh, doesn’t she love these skate shoes which she has been using for the last 6 months.

They are made with the safest materials which are vinyl and Moxi Drie- Lex lining material. The materials are durable and very high quality. What will make you fall for them is how they are easy to lace as well they feel so comfortable.

The ankle part is well-padded thus painless for your ankles. Roller skating generates high pressure around the ankle area which is very hurtful but with the area padded, you are safe. Though these skates are high, they are not recommendable for children below 12 years.

Talk of the ABEC-5 steel ball bearing that reduces friction and gives you the smoothest rides ever. These Moxi Roller Skates feature a 58mm 78A durometer and thus provide stability and balance while skating since they are not too hard nor too soft.

Moxi Roller Skates are without doubt the best roller skates for women and give a cool vibe to any lady out there. You should try them.


  • Versatile design
  • Bright and colorful skates
  • Has adjustable toe stops
  • Value for money
  • High-quality design
  • Best for beginners


  • None
  1. Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skates

You have not met colorful and strong skates if not this. The Riedell Dart Ombre makes you not settle for one color but rather a mixture of colors that are unique in a good way.

Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skates

They are available in green black, purple pink, black red, and purple green. What is impressive about Riedell is that safety was their number one priority to take care of while designing these skate shoes.

They are low fit but snug very perfectly even around the ankles. Even though they are low cut these skates are designed as roller skates for adults but not for children below 12 years.

They are breathable since they are made from vinyl material. Another good material used to structure them is the aluminum cast plate with metal trucks that offer extreme support.

Riedell Dart has the smoothest rides that skates can offer. They have ABCE-5 steel bearings that help much in smooth rolls. Other features are the 62mm 93A hardness offers good traction it is best for starters and a toe stopper that helps in braking while skating.

Lastly is the lacing system and Velcro cinch strap that secures the shoes to a comfortable fit.


  • Heavily padded
  • They fit perfectly
  • Has flexible vinyl material
  • Cruises smoothly
  • Has cute ombre colors


  • Expensive
  1. Xudrez Roller Skates For Women

Xudrez is another brand with great roller skates for women. They come in different colors which are vibrant and good-looking. Either way, if you want to gift a woman in your life this is the best choice to go for, of course, you will have a variety to choose from.

Xudrez Roller Skates For Women

They are generally made from quality material non-other than polyurethane. The inside is also breathable and very comfortable even during hot seasons.

When buying good roller skates, bearings is one important factor to look into as we had discussed earlier in the guide. Xudrez Skates have ABCE 9 bearings which enhance safety and stability.

At the front, there is a column that supports braking and control. This makes the skates suitable for girls, ladies, and women who are beginners in roller skating.

The wheels are made from high-end quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear and reliable anytime. Lastly, they are affordable and if you are on a budget these skates are there for you.


  • Good for beginners
  • Smooth rides
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Has sturdy wheels
  • Breathable interior
  • They are affordable


  • Production scent
  1. Impala Women’s Quads Skate

Well, don’t miss this Impala Quad Skates for women. They come in different colors which include aqua and white. Without a doubt, these colors are super attractive and very beautiful.

Impala Women’s Quads Skate

They are made with high-quality components that are aluminum and nylon. Other materials are polyurethane for the wheels and polyvinyl chloride for the sole.

These materials are PETA Approved Vegan which means they are waterproof and cannot wear out easily. Of course they are durable and will give you service for quite some time.

The insole is so comfortable making your skating therapeutic. I rewarded my daughter with these shoes during her graduation and am glad she has not yet complained anything about them. All I wanted is for her to have a smooth and enjoyable skating experience because that is what she loves as her hobby.

Impala Skates feature strong baseplates with 58 mm 82A durometer wheels that support good grip for any kind of surface. They roll swiftly through concrete roads and pavements.

Else, they fit perfectly since the closure has laces. This also helps the skates be intact during skating which makes them some of the best roller skates for adults.

Impala Skates

The ankles are painlessly snuggled in there and cozy all time. Skates that do not fit perfectly will give a hard time as they will keep on moving.


  • Looks elegant and stylish
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • PETA Vegan Approved
  • Has a variety of colors
  • Smooth on surfaces


  • Stiff sole
  1. Roller Derby Cruze XR Hightop

This right here is the skate shoe you have been looking for if you have been searching for durable skate shoes. Roller skates with high-end features at an affordable price.

Roller Derby Cruze XR Hightop

It is well structured in a traditional modern classic design very suitable for the activity. It has a cushion lining interior for providing comfort and for control of moisture. Well, your ankles are safely secured in there and do not suffer pain at all, thanks to its reinforced ankle support.

For the closure there it comes with laces and hooks for a tight fit. The skates will give a 100% secured fit and make the skating so comfortable. It also has other high-end features such as an aluminum chassis frame with a jump bar.

They have adjustable toe stops where you can skate without them if you want. Another feature is the metal trucks that make them perform excellently outdoors.

The Cruse XR Skates is well equipped with polyurethane wheels that absorb bumps and any vibrations thus very ideal for outdoor skating. The good thing about roller derby is that they are functional for both indoor and outdoor skating, I would highly recommend them.

They are extremely beautiful and a good match for women.


  • Smooth and efficient ride
  • Durable aluminum trucks
  • Reasonable price
  • True to size
  • High-quality polyurethane


  • White can be hectic to maintain
  1. C Seven Sparkly Roller Skates

There is always that percent that loves being extra. Women, love being dramatic and to outshine. C Seven has gone ahead and produced sparkly roller skates for women.

C Seven Sparkly Roller Skates

They are designed with a retro style that is outstanding and gives that extra pop feeling. They also feature glittery colors and make them extra from other skate shoes.

They feel so feminine but the brand has worked on the sizing because even a toddler will still find her size to the largest adult. These shoes are made from durable faux leather that is strong and will bear any hardship it encounters on the ground. The price is affordable and value for money is at par with its quality.

Let’s commend its PVC interior structure that snugs your ankles and provides exceptional support. While in C Seven skates shoes have assured of perfect grip even on slick surfaces. The polyurethanes wheels feature 58mm 83A hardness which makes it possible to skate on any terrain.

The versatile look and fabulous style make them bold and suitable for women. They are also available in three black colors, glitter pink, and glitter silver. These skates are very similar to Moonlight Roller Skates.


  • Durable leather
  • Good sizing
  • Affordable and great quality
  • Good for starters
  • Versatile


  • Not all love the glitters

Closing Remarks

Roller skating is not only a fun activity but also helps you to stay fit. You can roll perfectly on soft and hard wheels it depends. In this article, we have pointed out a few that are the best roller skates for women.

All the types are beautiful in their way. You can as well gift a friend, a daughter, or a sister if they love skating. However, the above products are characterized by every feature which makes them perform every form of skating.