5 Best Roller Skates for Derby

Roller derby is a fun sport activity with the best gear. To have a good experience you need the best roller skate for derby with all necessary features.

Well, there are so many different brands in the market but in this review, I have chosen a few that are well made, durable and comfortable. This based on my experience as a roller derby player coupled with years of research.

best roller skates for derby

There are choices for beginners to experts. However, some people can start with roller skates at the beginner’s stage and go with it till the intermediate stage. It all depends on the performance of the boot.

Derby skates ideally have low-cut features and are way more padded than the usual roller skates. They also come with durable skate wheels, a strap that makes your feet to be in contact during the activity.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Roller Skates For Derby

Wheels – Without a doubt, wheels have the greatest impact when it comes to skating boots. For derby as a sport, the first factor is that they should be compatible indoors as well they should provide a good balance between the wheels your feet, and the floor.

There is also something about the hardness for the different types of grounds. For example, for grippy ground the best hardness is between 93-99A, slippery floors 88-92A, and for the sporty arenas 93-95A.

Your weight too determines the type of skate wheels you need, the lesser the weight the softer the wheels the better for you, the more the harder the wheels

Wheels size – The wheels come in different sizes but the most common size range is between 59-62mm. the standard width that I popular is 38mm and slim ones are also available.

Toe Stops – These are also very important for for anyone who is participating in roller derby. It is important to consider the size of the toe stops and their design (bolt on or adjustable). Smaller toe stops are agile and low-profile while larger toe stops enable one to push through the pack as a jammer or slow down when necessary. to have the best of both world, most roller derby players usually prefer to go with adjustable toe stops. Personally, I do.

Fit –  The best skating shoes for derby should fit just as normal shoes. This game can extremely get messy and with boots that are not fitting then it will be a challenge. Your feet should be covered at least 99% and the fit should be tight but not too tight to hurt your feet.

Trucks – Standard trucks have an angle of 10-45 ̊ and this determines how your skates will be. The higher the number the more agile and lively the skates will be, the lesser the number the more they will be directional.

Design- Mostly skater boots are designed to be either low cut or high cut. The low cut is good for maneuverability while the high cut offers more ankle support

Top Picks: Best Roller Skates For Derby

BEST OVERALL: Riedell Dart Roller Derby Skates

Riedell Dart Roller Derby Skates aquaIf you derby Riedell is one of the most comfortable skate boots to derby with. It is a low cut that snugs the feet very comfortably around the ankle. Three versions of Riedell are Dart, Dart ombre, and Dart pixel.

BEST VALUE: VNLA Junior Stealth Roller Skates

These are the best and the lightest skate boots. If you want to skate like an expert VNLA skates have the features. They include vanilla gorilla, aluminum trucks, and a super sturdy nylon plate. They also come with vanilla backspin stealth 63mm and 93A durometer indoor wheels.

BEST BUDGET: Rock GT-50 Roller Skates

These roller skates are priced very well while maintaining a very good quality.They are well padded thus protecting the users from any bruises. The other unique features of these boots include ABEC-5 bearings, Carrera toe stop, Rock plate, GT-50 swirl wheels, and nylon trucks which enable swift movements.

Top 5 Best Roller Skates For Derby

1. Riedell Dart Roller Derby Skates

Riedell has always stood out as an incredible boot. If you are into roller derby and trying to find the very best roller skates for you then Riedell Dart is the boot to go for.

Riedell Dart Roller Derby Skates

There are three versions of Riedell that are Dart, Dart Ombre, and Dart Pixel. Dart is available in colors black, blue, and aqua. The Dart Ombre is available in the neon green fade, green-black fade, black red fade, and purple-pink fade. The Dart Pixel as well is available in white, red, gray, and black in pixelated design.

Riedell Dart stands out as the best roller skate for derby due to its good quality and comfortable design.

They have features such as the ABEC-5 bearings, die-cast aluminum plates, 62 mm 93A durometer, and adjustable lock nuts toe stops. These roller derby skates are designed with high-quality material vinyl that is super breathable.

They also have a good and easy closure system that includes the Velcro cinch strap.

Riedell is the most comfortable skate boot to the derby with. It is a low cut that snugs the feet very comfortably around the ankle. You should get these skates and roll in style.

Why you should buy Riedell skates

  • Great for derby beginners
  • Excellent performance
  • High quality and durable
  • Affordable and value for money


  • The wheels could be of better quality

2. VNLA Junior Stealth Roller Skates

Here is another pair of skates that is very good for roller derby. They are unisex roller skates for indoor use.

VNLA Junior Stealth Roller Skates -best roller skates for der

If you want to skate like an pro, VNLA skates have the best features. They include vanilla gorilla, aluminum trucks, and a nylon plate which is super sturdy and lightweight.

i have been enjoying them and I don’t have any complaint. The fact that they are lightweight gave me more confidence to get them.

I chose them for derby because the best part about them is that you can substitute the toe stops with the toe plugs. The ABEC-9 bearings are also ideal for derby.

They also come with vanilla backspin stealth 63mm and 93A durometer indoor wheels. The wheels are just the right for indoor skating based on their softness and durability.

These roller skates are also very suitable for young people and my younger cousins really like them.

VNLA Junior Stealth Roller Skates black


The downside is that these roller skates are a bit pricey but worth every penny making them the best value roller skates for derby. VNLA Stealth Skates are the best roller derby skates for beginners.

Why you should buy VNLA Junior Stealth skates

  • Super lightweight
  • Suits both adults and youth/children
  • Has soft wheels for indoors
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Low cut design


  • Material can get dirty fast
  • They are a but expensive

3. Moxi Beach Bunny Skates

Moxi is a brand known for the most top-quality and durable skates. They as well fit as some of the best roller skates for derby.

Moxi Beach Bunny Skates

If you a lady and does not own Moxi skates then you are missing out on their goodness. For beginners, I would recommend them as they will serve you even to the intermediary stage. The price is also favorable for everyone.

They are well structured with marvel die-cast aluminum plates with strong metal trucks for great stability and support I choose to skate on these skates for they are just the best for derby.

The skates’ interior is well-padded for a comfortable fit. The inside is also structured with a moisture-wicking material that protects the feet from soaking wetness.

As a derby skater the more you get comfort for long hours the better. These Moxi skates are very comparable to Impala skates especially in terms of comfort.

The outer materials are also high quality and durable. They come in colorful colors that are most attractive to ladies which makes it one of the best roller skates for women.

Moxi manufacturers put into consideration 100% safety, as they have an easy lace closure system that is adjustable. You can tighten it to your preference.

Moxi Beach Bunny Skates for derby

Be sure to check out the shoe size chart while purchasing them. These are roller skates for adults as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

Why you should buy Moxi Beach Bunny

  • Have a comfortable interior
  • Available in fun of colors
  • Super sturdy and strong
  • Good for beginners
  • Come with an easy closure system


  • Only recommended for adults

4. Rock GT-50 Roller Skates

The Rock GT-50 skates are well-designed and made with synthetic leather. They are very suitable for adults and children. All sizes are availables for all genders and not to forget they are very affordable.

Rock GT-50 Roller Skates

What I have come to love about GT-50 is how they are packed with every component which makes them fully functional for derby. Guess what? They have a very sturdy material that withstands all the misuse one can throw at it.

These boots are more nicely padded than any other roller skate boot. You will not experience bruises at all, your feet are in great comfort since they are suitable for any type of feet.

Some of the features are the ABEC-5 bearings, Carrera toe stop, Rock plate, and the GT-50 swirl wheels. They also come with nylon trucks which enable swift movements.

The best thing about these skates is their great performance and convenience for beginners. They enjoy them because they are not /so complicated to use.

Why you should buy Rock GT-50

  • Made for indoor surfaces with very good grip
  • They are super comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather
  • Secure closure system


  • They have a tight fit to some

5. Bont Quadstar Carbon Roller Skates

Bont Quadster is yet another popular brand with high-quality derby skates. This company was the first to manufacture quad skates with Velcros and lace covers.

Bont Quadstar Carbon Roller Skates for derby

They have greatly improved the skates by use of one-piece construction. As much as it is a time-consuming process, it makes the boot convenient and provides high performance.

The skates are lightweight and strong thanks to their carbon fiber base, they make the derby experience all good.

Another interesting thing about them is that they are durable since it features genuine 100% Australian leather. The leather requires a low level of maintenance and has a good stretch.

Bont is the only company that formulates resins for boots that are super moldable at low temperatures. This feature makes them favorable for skaters with slim and thick ankles.

There is also the presence of thermoplastic in the heel which you can mold the boot with a hairdryer and get the right fit for your feet.

The boots also come with an adjustable Velcro strap, a rear heel loop that you fix the laces through, and rubber bumper toe protection that can be changed. This boot comprises all components that good skates for derby should have.

Why you should buy these skates

  • Heat moldable
  • Lightweight and has a perfectly fitting
  • Has one-piece construction
  • They are super durable
  • The boots are extremely lightweight


  • They are pricey

Closing Remarks

The best way to get prepared for roller derby is getting the best roller skates because it is an extreme sport. With that said, we have indicated some of the best skates in the market and that meet the requirements of derby skates.

The best roller skates for roller derby were found to be Riedell Dart Roller Derby Skates, VNLA Junior Stealth Jam Skate, and Rock GT-50 Roller Skates among others.